Carnet Jove

10 years breaking records

Our association with the Carnet Jove (the Catalan Youth Card) dates back over 13 years, throughout which we have created communication campaigns to publicize the benefits and discounts that the card offers. Year after year, the Catalan Government’s Youth Agency has entrusted us with the mission of updating and bringing the brand message to an audience that is constantly and dramatically changing due to the evolution of social media. With such a hyperconnected generation that receives thousands of messages every day, how can we connect with them effectively?

Without a doubt, the key to the success we have achieved over the last decade is, first and foremost, the fact that the communication and social media campaigns have given young people a mouthpiece and put them centre stage. Secondly, we have always reflected the diversity that is so characteristic of this generation in demographic, sociocultural and regional terms. Last but not least, we have always opted for a constant renewal of the card’s verbal and visual identity to keep up with the latest trends, fashions, and visual languages.

Every year, the Carnet Jove campaign has gone viral among young people and teenagers thanks to our careful selection of different media channels and the branded content campaigns on social media starring influencers, actors and fashion idols.

Our experience with the brand has helped us achieve great success over the last decade, with over 560,000 youth cards being issued each years, which is equivalent to 35% of young people between 14 and 30 years old in Catalonia, as well as a loyalty rate of 85.5%, a record among all the Youth Cards of the European Union, where the most important factor is the positive rating of the young people themselves.