Design committed to a good cause

“After Suicide – Association for Survivors” (DSAS) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to accompanying and supporting survivors of death by suicide in their grief. Faced with the COVID-19 health crisis, the association challenged us to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge on the prevention and detection of suicide risk at a time when society has been emotionally affected by the consequences of the pandemic.


Breaking the silence on a subject as complex as suicide and communicating about its prevention on social networks is not an easy task. To this end, we developed a visual identity for the association. Based on illustrations with simple colours and shapes that transmit calm, serenity and positivism. On an artistic level, light and shadow have been emphasised with homogeneous and clear strokes on stripped backgrounds so that the texts are easy to read. In addition, the choice of the green colour, in balance with earth tones, seeks to express life, nature and hope.

The design of useful and attractive content that generates engagement, the search for an inspirational and approachable communicative tone in the copies. The use of social ads to reach more users have allowed the messages and support tools to be visualised to the people concerned, encouraging their reflection, resilience and empowerment , furthermore a new perception and social understanding of suicide risk.

DSAS has established itself as a leading public interest organisation in the pioneering fight against depression and suicide, acquiring its own leadership and experience in activating awareness campaigns independently of public institutions.