Welcome to the new Imagin

The evolution of the imaginBank brand, which after four years went from being a financial app to becoming a platform that makes life easier for its user. Solving their vital needs at all levels, required a new approach, a total and absolute rebranding of the brand, both conceptually and philosophically as well as at the corporate identity level. A rebranding that had multiple objectives for the agency.

First, to relaunch the imagin brand by communicating its new positioning and value proposition: imagin is much more than a bank. It is a platform that makes life easier for users through innovation, simplicity and transparency, values that make up the brand’s DNA.

Secondly, to transmit the new brand values, defining its personality and moving away from the “legacy” that the brand had with traditional banking (CaixaBank).

And finally, to build a strategic communication platform based on the fact that customers are no longer satisfied with a bank that helps them in their day-to-day financial life because they need much more. Since when did a financial app have to talk only about money?